Utility Design

McGiffert and Associates, LLC has provided engineering services for water, wastewater, storm drainage, and natural gas systems since 1949. From project planning and assistance with funding source preparation through project completion, our firm provides comprehensive, quality services to help ensure efficient and reliable systems. We utilize the latest technologies for system design and drafting.

We endeavor to establish lasting relationships with the clients for whom we provide services. Long-term knowledge of the communities and systems, as they grow, gives us an advantage in assisting with expanding needs, both internally and externally. We consider reliability, capital costs, unit processes, and maintenance procedures in each and every project.

Major components of utility systems are the pumping of water/wastewater and the storage of water within ground and elevated storage tanks. McGiffert has designed, provided resident observation, and assisted with the painting and maintenance of concrete, welded steel and glass-lined bolted steel ground and elevated water storage tanks.

UTILITY DESIGN SERVICES INCLUDE: Water Distribution System Planning and Design, Waste Water Collection System Planning and Design, Water Supply and Treatment, Booster and Lift Station Design, Water Quality Modeling, Disinfection Byproducts Compliance, Regulatory Compliance, Water Storage Design and Maintenance, Permitting, Rate Studies, Mapping and Maintenance Planning, SCADA and other Control Systems and Radio/Touch Metering Systems, Water Loss/Unaccounted for Water Analysis, Storm Water Systems, and Natural Gas Systems